Banners and banner printing

Our custom banners are simple yet effective display solutions for your business promotions. Choose from a range of banners that are cost-effective alternatives to hard signage. One of the UK’s leading banner printing companies, we can design, manufacture and supply a range of banners. Please have a look at the types of banners we can help you with.

PVC banners

PVC banners have a brass eyelet for every metre of material, thus ensuring the full exhibition of your design. These are weather-resistant, and can be single or double-sided.

Banner arms

We have a wide range of banner arms to choose from, all of which can be used to attach banners to a pole or a wall. We also have flexi-arm banners, which are suitable for fastening to any pole or lamp post located on a high footfall area.

Roller banners

Roller banners are easy to erect and are portable in nature. These are ideal for use in international environments in events, exhibitions, sales presentations and showrooms. We have a choice of flat PVC and satin finishing, and supply our banners with carry cases.

Fence covers

Fence covers can be used creatively to cover the boundaries of events or work sites, such as festival and construction. With logos and messages, they can work well to promote your brand. The style and size of fence and pedestrian covers can be chosen based on your boundary wall or fences.

Banner Frames

Banner frames are lightweight frames used for displaying one or two banners. These frames are sturdy and easy to assemble. They can be customised with the colours of your brand. Carry bags are supplied with frames for the ease of carrying.

Hanging banners

Easy to position and construct, our hanging banners are ideal for internal and external display. They can be supplied with aluminium or plastic clip bars, a wooden dowel or brass eyelets, depending on your requirements. We use digital printing to create a visually appealing banner with colourful photographic images.

Pop-up banners

Pop-up banners are easy and quick to display – just take it out of the bag and pop! They come in a variety of styles and sizes, all of which are fitted with fibre rods keeping the banner stable and taut. Our pop-up banners can be folded and stowed away in a handy carry bag.

Lamp post banners

Lamp post banners are made from UV treated fibreglass and have been tested in wind speed of up to 100mph. We supply universal fitting bands that fix these banners to lamp posts securely. The unique cantilever arms and fixtures can hold the banner under constant tension ensuring the message is visible at all times.

Wall mounted banners

Wall mounted banners are lightweight and durable banners perfect for locations where floor space is limited. These can be customised to your exacting specifications, including style, size and colour. These are interchangeable banners which will allow you to update your message easily when required.

Cafe barriers

Portable and easy to assemble, cafe barriers are great ways of segmenting spaces inside a room. With logos and messages printed on them, they can be used as promotional tools as well. The banners can be interchanged as per requirements, and they are easy to assemble and dismantle too.

Stadium seat covers

Do you want to cover a large area in your stadium with your logo or advertising? If so, then our arena seat covers are ideal for you. Otherwise known as tarps, they can be made to measure with shapes and sizes as per your requirements.

Round hanging banners

Supported by our flexible fibre frame with hanging wires, the round hanging banners create a bold and stylish impact on any indoor event by displaying your marketing message in a 360 degree angle. They come in five standard sizes and are designed and produced to your exact specifications.

Building wraps

Your building structure can be converted into an advertising space with our building wraps and scaffold banners. Made from durable materials, these banners can stand the test of time. Perfect for announcing special events, promotions and offers, these can be manufactured with any size and shape as per your requirements.

Y-band banners

Y-band banners are free-standing systems ideal for indoor and outdoor use. These are weather-resistant and lightweight. With digital printing, we can display full-size photographic images to create maximum visual impact. We can supply a carry case along with it for easy carrying.