For all your bunting needs

We are renowned for our capability for producing miles and miles of fantastic bunting. In 2016, we produced around 433 miles of bunting, which is the same distance as London to Paris and back again. Our bunting can be personalised as per your taste and requirements.
Whether you want to use bunting for business promotions or for celebrating an event, we are able to meet all your requirements. Call us today!

A choice of bunting

Knitted polyester fabric bunting: Our knitted polyester bunting has three different designs running throughout the bunting.
Synthetic paper bunting: Our synthetic paper bunting is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. We can cut our bunting as per your exact specifications and expand your message by having multiple designs throughout the length of the bunting.
170 gsm paper bunting: Our paper bunting is ideal for indoor usage only.
PVC bunting: This can be used both indoors and outdoors as it is highly durable and all-weather resistant.
Multi-coloured bunting: We have 12 colours and 3 different materials to choose from in our multi-coloured bunting range.
National bunting: We can create bunting for a wide range of countries.
Sale bunting: Our sale bunting comes in red and white colours, and can be used for any sale event.

Personalised bunting

You can determine the shape, size, number of pennants, design and material of your bunting. We can customise your bunting even further by adding your business logo and messages. Call us for more information today!