A wide range of flagpoles supplied

At FastFlag, all our flagpoles or flag holders are produced with the end usage in mind. From autopoles to portable flagpoles, we can design and manufacture them all. We can also supply accessories for a complete look and efficient usage. We can supply:

  • Ceremonial flagpoles
  • Portable flagpoles
  • Flagpole accessories
  • Bases and brackets

Ceremonial flagpoles

Ceremonial flagpoles are perfect for indoor and outdoor ceremonial events. Made from dark wood, these poles feature brass fittings and a traditional finish.

Portable flagpoles

Portable flagpoles are free-standing and ideal for exhibitions, trade shows, motor sports and outdoor events. Supplied with a robust parasol base, once these are filled with water, they can withstand the elements at outdoor events.

Bases and brackets

We have a wide range of bases and brackets to suit all our products. From wall mounting brackets for angled flagpoles to vertical brackets for rooftop flags, you can find all types of bases and brackets at our shop.


Here at FastFlag, we understand the importance of small details and finishing. We stock a wide range of accessories to provide you with a high-quality finish for your custom flags and flagpoles. Our accessories include finials, truck heads, banner arms, flag restraints, flag collars, flat weights, halyards, cleats, flagpole covers, flag clips and much more.