A brief bit about us

FastFlag offers an extensive range of flags to customers based in Suffolk and Norfolk. We always manufacture flags using top-quality materials ensuring that they last long and look great. From national flags to personalised flags, we can produce them all. Below are the types of flags that we can design, manufacture and deliver to your doorstep. Please have a look.

Custom flags

Custom flags are ideal for brand promotion. These can be customised with your company logo on one side or with branding and marketing messages displayed on both the sides of the flag. You can customise your flag by choosing from our range of flag sizes, materials and finishing.

Power flags

Power flags are otherwise known as beach flags or feather flags. These are high impact, eye catching flags that are ideal for promotions, events and festivals. Power flags can be placed either indoors or outdoors.
You can choose from a wide range of base options, sizes and colours and make your flag stand out from the crowd.

Sewn flag

Sewn flags are produced on site at our head office in Suffolk. Our skilled machinists can transform your design ideas and branding concepts into a beautiful, new sewn flag. Whether you want a national flag or a promotional flag, we can sew it with high-quality finishes.

Angled wall flags

If you have a limited ground space, yet you want to promote your business using a flag, an angled wall flag could be your ideal choice. The angled flag can have images mirrored or double-sided. There are four pole options to choose from, including GRP, Aluminium, Wooden and Plastic.

National flags

We can produce national flags of all countries in the world, either sewn or printed. These can be made to measure using colour, design, shape and style specifications. National angled flags can also be produced.

Giant flags

Giant flags are ideal for ceremonies and events. These flags can create a huge impact on the crowd and help you to promote your brand too.

Team flags

Team flags are a great way to get the crowd roaring. We supply team flags with a pole, case and a secure fastening. We can also provide you with a carry strap, if required.

Table flags

Durable and decorative table flags are fashioned from synthetic, non-tear paper. They can be used to make national flags or promotional flags using photographic imagery or a brand logo.

Golf flags

Want to create branding for your golf games? Golf pin flags can help. Using digital printing technology, we can produce golf pins to display your company emblem or logo. You can choose from a range of finishing options, including velcro tab, tie-ons and tubular.

Backpack flags

Backpack flags are easy to assemble and transport as they comprise of a small flag and pole. They free up your hands and can be replaced with different messages using the same backpack. These are extremely lightweight and made of breathable materials with padding, waist straps and adjustable shoulders.

Racing flags

Ideal for motor sports events, these flags are designed and manufactured in compliance with Motor Sports Association Regulations. They have a specific design and are digitally printed. We have racing flags of different colours, each showing a different meaning in the race, therefore, conveying different messages to the drivers.

Sale flags

If you want to install a sale flag in front of your shop, come to us. Our red and white sale flags can attract the crowd and increase your shop’s footfall. We also have sale hanging banners. Call us today!

Nautical flags

Nautical flags are ideal for inter-vessel communication regarding navigation and safety matters. You can choose from a full set of 40 flags or individual flags as per your requirements.

County flags

City or county flags are designed with specific colours, shapes and styles ensuring compliance to a set of regulations. These can be either sewn or printed.

Festival flags

Festival flags tower above the crowd and rustle in the breeze boosting the festive spirit of the crowd. These are visually appealing, super strong and all-weather resistant. You can choose from a wide range of colours and have them delivered at your doorstep.


Our windsocks come in bright shades and are reliable wind direction indicators, perfect for marinas or airfields.
We can also customise our windsocks with your company logo and message so you can use them for brand imaging as well.